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Travel like there’s no tomorrow

We hear you!

To our younger, vital, ground-breaking, trail-blazing travelling millennial population – this message is for you. 

We see your interests, your pleasures, your drive. We understand your search for quality experiences. Diversity, discovery, fun and fulfilment.

We get that globally, it is YOUR generation that is redefining travel. (After all, you make up more than a quarter of the global population, right?). You’re making your choices and voices heard through your wallets and feet, your posts and likes. In the era of extreme social media presence, everyone is an influencer. If you didn’t get a photo, it didn’t happen. Visual rules. 

You are asking for a certain type of experience – raw, real, offbeat, deeper, wilder and for many of you, sustainability is key.  You go further, for longer, try more dishes and take more risks – but probably not on a fully-inclusive cruise or package holiday! Almost certainly, you are boredom-averse and seek immersion and authenticity, cultural connection and adventure above all. You are usually looking for the NEXT BIG thing, something new or different where you feel you’ve stumbled upon an incredible universal secret yet to be revealed. You are more mobile than any generation before you; you know how to make money but also how to get value from your wealth. And above all, you know that NOW is the time to do so. 

Housed in the buildings adjacent to a stunningly instagrammable lighthouse situated on a rocky reef overlooking Port Elizabeth’s Algoa Bay,

We know this because this is who WE are too. Owner-run (by a millennial!) accommodation and experiences in the rugged and wildly beautiful Eastern Cape are what we do, and the sky is the limit. Our ideas grow larger and more vivid every day. We have grabbed this moment and built on a dream that is slowly, finally becoming a reality.

And we are ready to show you what that is, with the first taste of an extraordinary castaway destination at Cape Recife Villa. Housed in the buildings adjacent to a stunningly instagrammable lighthouse situated on a rocky reef overlooking Port Elizabeth’s Algoa Bay, we have just put the last brushstrokes on a newly renovated escape. Views beyond description, curated meals prepared by your personal chef, and the privacy of being the ONLY guests overnight in this idyllic coastal nature reserve. Now THAT is something you won’t easily find anywhere else.

We also offer a heap of other cool stuff in the area, from hikes to helicopter trips, Karoo open-sky dinners to champagne breakfasts or sundowners in remote spots. We’ve got the guides with knowledge and passion to ensure an amazing excursion, and we always know how to make a plan.

We are listening and we are delivering. 

Talk to us so we can help to create the moments you seek.


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South Africa, 6001


Phone: +27 (0)42 235 1450