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Summer, sorted, Cape Recife- style

Mention the word “summer” to a South African and what’s their instant association? The beach!

Especially those poor souls who live inland, slaving away all year in a busy city, because SOMEBODY has to… Sorry guys, but It’s okay, the year is closing, and we’ve got your Christmas gift right here!

It’s already no secret that some of the country’s (world’s) best beaches are in the sleepy, laid-back Eastern Cape. Yes, we know that Cape Town or Durbs get all the mentions, but the trade-off is sharing that slice of beach with a zillion other sun-loving bods. Especially over high summer, and ESPECIALLY over Christmas and New Year. Not so relaxing, really, when you can’t swing a beach towel without sandblasting the next guy.

Now – take a look at what WE have to offer, right on the outskirts of the ever-so-chilled city of Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha). The Cape Recife Nature Reserve is a throwback to the original shoreline of Algoa Bay in all its rugged glory.

NOW we’re talking real beach vibes – space, freedom, clean water, white sand, lazy, hazy sun-drenched days. Dolphins, whales, penguins and a whole lot more. Photogenic beyond compare, with an Instagram-gorgeous historic lighthouse plum in the middle. Wave after perfectly curling wave, at a temperature you can actually enjoy without a wetsuit. Morning hikes through the fynbos-covered dunes. Afternoon sundowners on the glowing rocks as the sky deepens and fades into the velvet night, bathed by the rhythmic wash of the guarding light.

And if you’re after the ultimate Christmas treat for your partner or family, take a look at our brand-new exclusive luxury Cape Recife Villa, perched above the rocks alongside the lighthouse – if you’re quick you may still find a gap to escape to this one-of-a-kind memory-maker. An on-site guide and personal chef are part of the package to create a unique and treasured stay in this richly-endowed marine playground.

Christmas is a time to reflect on blessings, love, sharing and gratitude, deeply meaningful to those of the Christian faith but equally celebrated and enjoyed by all as a time of coming together and relaxing in an environment of peace and calm. And nowhere offers this better than our pristine slice of Cape Recife coast.

Whether a day visitor or an overnight guest, we are at your service – ready to make your coastal Christmas dream a reality!


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